June 18-20, 2019

Shanghai, China

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Day One
Wednesday 27th June, 2018

Day Two
Thursday 28th June, 2018

Breakfast & Registration

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Lessons Learned from the Leaders

Kymriah: The Journey of the First Approved CAR-T from Bench to Ensuring Global Availability for Patients

  • Pascal Touchon Senior Vice President, Global Head Cell & Gene, Novartis Oncology


  • How do you take a product from bench through to bedside?
  • What are the key learnings from commercialization of the first CAR-T products?
  • What future challenges/obstacles do my CAR-TCR therapies face?
  • What is the biggest opportunity for the CAR-TCR space right now?
  • How do we translate success into more common cancers?


Clinical Update on Anti-BCMA CAR-T: LCAR-B38M

  • Frank Fan CSO, Nanjing Legend Biotechnology


  • Safety and efficacy profiles
  • Update on data read outs
  • Next steps and future directions

Question Time: Leader Q&A

  • Pascal Touchon Senior Vice President, Global Head Cell & Gene, Novartis Oncology
  • Frank Fan CSO, Nanjing Legend Biotechnology


This is your opportunity to quiz the leaders in the space on developmental, clinical and commercial challenges. Hear from those in the trenches and identify your path to success for lessons learned by the leaders.


Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Targets beyond CD19

Development of CAR-T Against Solid Tumors


  • The main challenges for CAR-T against solid tumor
  • Identification and validation of rational target for solid tumor
  • How to balance cancer-specificity and antigen heterogeneity in the development of CAR-T cells
  • Next-generation of CAR-T to overcome the hostile tumor microenvironment
  • How to development a rational combination


Moving Forward to Treat Solid Tumor by CAR-T Cell

  • Lei Xiao CEO, Innovative Cellular Therapeutics


  • We have treated ALL and NHL by CART cell very successful. Now we are moving ahead
    to treat solid tumor
  • Currently, we are focusing Thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer
  • We have enrolled one patient for each trial treated and some interesting data has
    been collected
  • We will be discussing and sharing our novel data from this trial

Lunch & Networking

Synthetic Biology to Improve Safety & Efficacy

Developing TCR-mimic CAR-T to Treat Patients with Solid Tumors in China

  • Zhang Yu President & CEO, Aeon Therapeutics


1) The development of CAR-T in China, especially in solid tumors
2) The advance of CAR-T treatment in solid tumors worldwide
3) The difficulty of CAR-T in solid tumors and TCR-mimic CAR-T
4) Anti-AFP/MHC CAR-T in the treatment of HCC

Screening CAR T Cells for Target Specificity Using Human Cell Microarray Technology


  • Optimisation of the human cell microarray technology for screening of whole engineered CAR T cells, in addition to antibodies and ScFvs
  • An efficient approach for specificity screening of novel cell therapies to support safety assessment and provide key data prior to IND submissions

Afternoon Refreshments & Poster Session

Future of Virus Specific T Cells in Oncology


  • Redirecting antiviral immunity
  • The VST as a platform for solid tumor cell therapy
  • Clinical application of VST technology
  • Rational combination therapy for next generation immunoncology

Overcoming Challenges in the Cellular Therapy Laboratory

  • Patrick Hanley Laboratory Facility Director, Cellular Therapy Stem & Cell Processing, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Children's National Health System, The George Washington University


Case study on overcoming challenges associated with:

  • Space
  • Automation
  • T cell manufacture
  • Funding


Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day 1