June 18-20, 2019

Shanghai, China

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Day One
Wednesday 27th June, 2018

Day Two
Thursday 28th June, 2018

Breakfast & Networking

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Clinical Trial Design, Management & Clinical Data Updates

Development of CAR-T Therapy for Hematological Malignancies

  • Ting He CEO, ImmunoChina Pharmaceuticals


  • CD19 CARs with different costimulatory domains were evaluated in clinical study
  • Significant difference in efficacy, CRS, and CRES was discussed

Development of a Broad-spectrum Solid Cancer CAR-T Cell

A Novel Suspension-based Lentiviral Production Platform to Achieve Cost-Effective Clinical Manufacturing

  • Ronald Leathers Senior Manager Strategic Alliances, Stem Cell Sciences, Cell Therapy & Cell Biology Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tech Slam at the Innovation Hub


Irvine Scientific

Morning Refreshments & Networking

Manufacturing Scale Up & Automation

Simplifying CAR T Cell Manufacture Through the Use of a Single, Closed System Device

  • Ian Johnston Industrial & Academic Cooperations Manager, Senior Project Manager, Miltenyi Biotec


  • Increasing the scale of production while significantly reducing the cost of goods are prerequisites for commercial success
  • Automation enables a single employee to manufacture a number of autologous cell products simultaneously
  • Using closed system manufacturing reduces the risks of contamination, can reduce the requirements for certain in process controls and simplify clean room requirements
  • Using the examples of CAR T cell-based immunotherapies, it will be demonstrated how production of cell products can be fully automated in a single-use closed system, the CliniMACS Prodigy®
  • Use of closed systems and automation will allow an easy establishment of robust processes at academic institutes and an effective scaling out of these procedures for commercialization

Digital Manufacturing of CAR-T cells

  • Tony Liu CEO, Cellular Biomedicine Group

Lunch & Networking

Smart, Closed & Connected Solutions for Cell Therapy Production

  • Philip Vanek GM, Cell Therapy Growth Strategy, GE Healthcare


  • As autologous cell therapies are advancing through clinical trials and quickly moving toward commercialization, there continues to be a need for robust, closed, automated and scalable manufacturing solutions
  • We will be discussing what is required to process patient material in a fashion which maximizes the efficiency of the processing workflow while meeting safety, quality and regulatory requirements


Supply Chain, Transport & Logistics for Streamlined Global Distribution

Cryo Chain Strategies: From Research to Commercialization


  • Minimizing interventions
  • Maximizing the quality, timeliness, compliance and overall efficiency of distributing frozen biomaterials globally
  • Innovative methods used to monitor and ship biomaterials in all stages of drug development

Novel Innovations to Progress CAR-T & TCR

What Can Gamma Delta T Cells Contribute to the Future of CAR-T?


  • Gamma delta T cells as an alternative therapeutic platform
  • The impact of decoupled activation on toxicity and target identification
  • Strategies for allogeneic gamma delta T cell drugs

Chairman’s Closing Remarks