27-28 June 2018

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Full Event Guide

  • Download the CAR-TCR Summit Asia Event Guide

    The CAR-TCR Summit Asia is the dedicated platform focused on ensuring the clinical translation of CAR-T and TCR therapies to the market globally, ensuring affordability and accessibility to all those in need.

    Main topics this year include:

    ■ Solid Tumors: Develop the next generation CAR-TCR therapies directed at novel targets to treat solid tumor indications

    ■ Autologous vs Allogeneic: Identify the challenges and opportunities for cost effective and efficacious therapies

    ■ Manufacturing: Ensure streamlined scale up and out of engineered cell immunotherapies with innovative automation solutions

    ■ Regulations: Maneuver through the global regulatory landscape to ensure approval success

    ■ Commercialization: Explore the novel transport and logistics developments needed to ensure efficient delivery of CAR-TCR therapies globally

    Download the event guide to view the full speaker faculty and event program.