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As the commercialization and approval of CAR-T therapies continues to gain momentum, the leaders are working to globalize the delivery of “curative” CAR-T and TCR therapies to beyond the Western world. Asia, as one of the world’s largest economies will serve as a cornerstone for the development and delivery of novel cellular immunotherapies.

The CAR-TCR Summit Asia is the dedicated platform focused on ensuring the clinical translation of CAR-T and TCR therapies to the market globally, ensuring affordability and accessibility to all those in need.

Join the leaders in therapeutic drug development as they discuss the latest clinical data emerging in Asia, focussing on the affects of ethnicity on safety and efficacy. Discover the novel targets beyond CD19 being utilized for solid tumor indications. Discuss the next generation technologies being used to automate manufacturing and reduce the CoGs to increase the affordability of CAR-TCR therapies worldwide.


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“The CAR-TCR Summit is the go to meeting for researchers in this field”
Director of Research, TC BioPharm
CAR-TCR Summit 2018 Attendee

“This conferences continues to bring together thought leaders, with real world experiences who are willing to share their learnings to continue to accelerate and advance the field for patients”. 

Innovation Leader - Cell & Gene Therapy Technology, GE Healthcare
CAR-TCR Summit 2018 Attendee