Engineering A Cancer-Free World

Delivering Next-Generation Immunotherapy to Asia using World-Class Development and Commercial Strategies

Successful commercialization of the first CAR-T therapy products in the Asian market has brought life-saving therapy to patients in need through global partnerships. In 2020, Asian Biotech and Pharma companies are rapidly joining this movement accelerating these treatments’ approval to the clinic. The CAR-TCR Asia Summit returns in 2021 for the third time to nurture this growth and celebrate the success of innovative CAR-T and TCR-T companies across the Asia Pacific Region.

The 3rd annual CAR-TCR Summit Asia will be a unique platform to discuss regulations, patient access, affordability and reimbursement challenges to make CAR-T and TCR-T a commercial reality in Asia. We will present the latest innovations in cell engineering for automated manufacturing, targeting the solid tumor microenvironment and expanding cell immunotherapy to wider patient populations and cancer indications.

Develop your network and meet key opinion leaders in cell immunotherapy development from Asia, but also the US and Europe, who will reveal novel clinical data from targets beyond CD-19, discussing what the next-generation of cell immunotherapy will look like, and sharing their unique experiences in development strategy for CAR-T and TCR-T. Join leaders to elevate your research and development strategy and bring safe, efficacious and affordable treatments to patients in need.


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“The CAR-TCR Summit is the go to meeting for researchers in this field”

Director of Research, TC, BioPharm | CAR-TCR Summit 2018 Attendee

“This conferences continues to bring together thought leaders, with real world experiences who are willing to share their learnings to continue to accelerate and advance the field for patients”. 

Innovation Leader - Cell & Gene Therapy Technology, GE Healthcare | CAR-TCR Summit 2018 Attendee