The CAR-TCR Summit is your toolkit for cell immunotherapy success. Experienced opinion leaders will share their expertise to build your cost reduction and development strategy, share regulatory insights and reveal next-generation technologies on the cell immunotherapy horizon.

Start this decade equipped with expert knowledge in:

  1. Manufacturing: Learn from pioneers in non-viral vector design and closed-system cell manufacturing, who are reducing time and cost of cell immunotherapy delivery
  2. Regulations: Gain in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements for global immunotherapy development from experienced leaders and policy makers
  3. Solid Tumors: Invade hostile tumors with next-generation cell engineering techniques for penetration and survival in the microenvironment
  4. Commercialization: Take your novel therapeutics across borders with multi-center logistics and strategic insights from experienced leaders, uniquely qualified in cell immunotherapy commercialization
  5. Off-the-shelf Cell Immunotherapy: Explore the possibility of universal cell immunotherapies and learn from pioneers in allogeneic CAR-T. Understand the key challenges in allogeneic development and discuss the role they will play in the future of cell immunotherapy


Why do experts attend the CAR-TCR Summits?

“This meeting enables us to see what is happening and discuss real world applications. It is extremely informative to consider what to do when we apply CAR or TCR to patients in Japan..”

Takara Bio

“This is a best in class and top summit in the CART TCR area which is an invaluable asset to both industries and academia.”


University of Pennsylvania

“Moments where we can come together with passionate individuals and companies who are focused on advancing cancer care are inspiring, and the CAR-TCR Summit [in Boston] is no different. We are energized by the discussions about CAR-TCR and its potential applications for bringing new therapies to patients in need.”