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8:00 am Coffee & Registration

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:15 am CEO Leaders Panel


With CAR-T therapies now on the market and spreading globally for approval, what does the future hold and what are the next steps to ensure these, and future adoptive immunotherapies reach all patients in need? Spend an hour with this unique panel of CEOs and company executives from leading CAR-TCR developers to better understand strategic challenges and future priorities for the next generation CAR-T and TCR cell therapy development

10:15 am Towards Commercialization: Accomplish the Challenges of Autologous Cell and Gene Therapies


  • Control strategies for cell and gene therapies
  • Considerations of a fully automated cell manufacturing process
  • Process transfer and decentralized manufacturing strategies of CAR T cells

10:45 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:45 am Chain of Compliance™: The Standardization of Precision Medicine Logistics


  • Increasing regulatory requirements supporting precision medicine distribution are emerging
  • Chain of Compliance™ adherence will be a basic requirement for managing distribution
  • How does this standardization impact clinical and commercial logistics strategies

12:15 pm Bringing Yescarta® to China


  • Regulatory pathways and considerations in China
  • Commercialization of Yescarta in China: Challenges and opportunities

12:45 pm Towards Safer, Effective and Persistent T-Cell Therapies: Development of Antibody-TCR (AbTCR) Expressing T Cells Against Solid and Hematological Malignancies

  • Hanzhong Li SVP, Corporate Development, Eureka Therapeutics


  • Addressing major barriers of current CAR-T: CRS and neurotoxicity risks
  • Presenting our solution: ARTEMIS AbTCR T-cell Receptor Platform
  • Safety validation of ARTEMIS platform in CD19+ NHL
  • Understanding how Eureka built a versatile structure to go after both haem and solid tumor with ARTEMIS Plus
  • Safety and efficacy validation in AFP+ HCC and CD19 programs are achieved
  • Exploring future directions

1:15 pm Lunch & Networking

Research & Development

Chair: Cedrik Britten, VP & Head, Oncology Cell Therapies Unit GSK



2.45pm The Single Domain Antibody and It's Application in CAR-T Therapy

  • The introduction for single-domain antibody
  • The development and clinical effect of CART targeting
  • BCMA using humanized single domain antibody as the antigen recognition domain

Jishuai Zhang, CSO, Shenzhen Pregene Biopharma





3.15pm TCR-T Cell-based Immunotherapy for Solid Cancers

  • Analyzing recent advances in clinical trials using TCR-T cells
  • Overcoming challenges in TCR-T cell-based cancer immunotherapy
  • Exploring future directions and focuses including neoantigen based therapies

Mingjun Wang, Vice President, Shenzhen Innovation






3.45 A Step Toward Standardization with the nCounter® CAR-T Characterization Panel

  • NanoString has partnered with 8 leading CAR-T development centers to produce a new gene expression panel for the molecular characterization of CAR-T cells
  • Using a 780-gene expression panel measuring T-cell activation, metabolism, exhaustion, and TCR receptor diversity with optional customization for measuring transgene expression
  • Leveraging the robustness, ease of workflow and rapid time to results of the nCounter® platform, NanoString aims to provide a standardized set of biomarker discovery tools to both enable and advance the field

Erin Piazza, Bioinformatics Scientist, NanoString Technologies

Manufacturing & Commercialization

Chair: Greg Motz, Director, Immunopharmacology Unum Therapeutics


2.45pm Approaches to Address the Challenges for Drug Commercialization for Cell and Gene Therapies; Particularly in China

  • What China can bring to advancing the manufacturing process in novel therapy modalities
  • Manufacturing capabilities: addressing the “Achilles heel” of cell therapy
  • The importance of strategic collaborations to improve manufacturing

Didier Dargent, Head of International Markets for Cell & Gene Therapy, Novartis Oncology & Tony Liu, CEO, Cellular Biomedicine Group


3.15pm Developing and Commercializing of CAR-T/ TCR-T Product for Solid Tumors Using Automatic Manufacturing Process

  • Comparison of CQA&CPP between CAR-T/TCR-T products for hematological and solid tumors
  • Differences between using manual and automatic process during CAR-T/TCR-T products manufacture for solid tumors
  • Developing a CAR-T/TCR-T product by using closed, automatic manufacturing system
  • Key considerations of setting down business model to commercialize CAR-T/TCR-T products manufacture for solid tumors in China: CMC, logistics, price and reimbursement

Yu Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO, Aeon Therapeutics


3.45pm The Current Status of Manufacture of Autologous CAR-T Cell for Treating Hematologic Malignancies

  • As a living drug, the quality and the properties of CAR-T cells are deemed increasingly critical for the success of CAR-T therapy in the clinical setting
  • Automation and artificial intelligence, as well as single use systems, is a necessary trend in the manufacturing processes of cell and gene therapy products
  • In this presentation, the general manufacturing process of CAR-T cells will be introduced, followed by a discussion on strategies to overcome current shortcomings so as to develop this therapy to its fullest potential

Yu Lei, CEO, Shanghai Unicar-Therapy Bio-medicine Technology Co

4:15 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Poster Session


Hear from your peers as they share their most recent research in our poster session

5:15 pm Screening CAR T Cells for Target Specificity Using Human Cell Microarray Technology


  • Optimization of the human cell microarray technology for off-target screening of whole engineered CAR T cells, in addition to antibodies and ScFvs
  • An efficient approach for specificity screening of novel cell therapies to support safety assessment and provide key data prior to IND submissions

5:45 pm Competition and Challenges in the Space of BCMA Targeted Immunotherapy

  • Frank Fan CSO, Nanjing Legend Biotechnology


  • Overview of clinical stage immunotherapies targeting BCMA
  • Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of autologous BCMA-CAR-T technology in development
  • Discussing challenges encountered and potential solutions

6:15 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks

6:30 pm CAR-TCR Drinks Reception


Join us for some informal networking with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink

7:30 pm Close of Day 1